Işıksan About

Our company stepped into the sector with the manufacturing of first aid kits in 1980, continued with the production of warning triangles and stop lamps in 1983, and today has become a considerable position in the automotive sector.

ISIKSAN Otomotiv was established as a family company by Mr. Hasan YAVAŞSÖZ in a small area of 50 m2, then moved to an area of 700 m2 in Küçükçekmece. Thanks to growing business relationships, our company continued its work for many years in a 4000 m2 closed area in the Silivri/ Istanbul where current production successfully continuing in a total indoor-outdoor area of 15000 m2 in today.

"Together with Stop, Signal, Side, Rear, Reective and Working Lamps with Bulb and/or Led tail lights and automotive accessory production for Heavy and Light Trucks", our company focuses on export in order to provide significant contributions to the country economy. The main export regions are: Chile, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Jordan, Serbia and Saudi Arabia.

By increasing production capacity and product variety with its experienced team and understanding that will provide service in accordance with international standards, Işıksan Otomotiv continues on its way with the necessary qualtiy process (E, CE, ISO).

Since the day it was founded, it has managed to become one of the sought-after companies in the sector with its reliability, quality products and reasonable price policy.

With its ever-developing machine park, our company achieves its goal of higher quality and mass production.


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